About Alpha Mowing and Landscpaing

About Us

Alpha Mowing and Landscaping, LLC is Pittsburg’s newest mowing and landscaping business. This insured and bonded company came to fruition in May of 2017 when two longtime friends, Brent Spear and Randy Brill, wanted a business venture that would both make a profit and feed an avid interest in horticulture.

Brent Spear holds a degree in Horticulture with an emphasis in Turf Management and Golf Course Construction from Oklahoma State University-OKC. He has worked at Hefner Golf Course and The Greens Country Club, both in Oklahoma City, OK, and has experience in designing and constructing greens, sprinkler systems, drainage, turf planting and maintenance, mowing and weed-eating on a mass scale, and landscaping. After a detour into the world of rock and roll transportation and mobile television transportation, he is excited for the opportunity to return to his roots as a turf and flower guy.

Randy Brill is an all-around handy man whose own fastidiously cared for multi-acre plot of land speaks to both his strong work ethic and careful attention to detail. He is also the nuts-and- bolts of the operation, keeping the equipment running smoothly and polished to a high shine.

Brent and Randy look forward to turning your lawn or business into the next yard-of-the-month of the neighborhood.